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Our rating system at Midwest Sports Investors is very straight forward.  We personally play every pick we release.  We recognize that it would be unfair to our customers if we werenít going to war with them each and every day.  Our ratings system and bankroll management guidelines are very simple so our clients will always know where we stand with wins and losses and current bankroll status.  We use a rating system of 10, 20, 30 & 40 stars based on the strength of each release (10 being the lowest rating and 40 being the highest).

Using our Money management system 

Money management is a key ingredient in successful sports wagering.   Knowing what percentage of your bankroll to risk on a given game will save you the inevitable future of staggering bets and chasing lost money.   Rule one is never bet more than you can afford to lose.  The structure of sports betting is much the same as investing in the stock market.  Short term wins and losses are irrelevant in measuring success and realizing profits.  Although we sell daily, weekly and monthly packages we highly recommend that serious players purchase our seasonal or yearly packages.  At MSI we realize that this requires a tremendous amount of trust between our clients and us.  The truth is, we are here to help you make money.  Our system has proven profitable every year for over a decade.  Our consistent success has earned us our reputation as an industry leader.  To achieve the optimal amount of profit maximization a long term commitment is imperative.  This long term commitment combined with bankroll discipline and money management creates the recipe for making significant profits.  There are 2 ways to approach understanding the rating systems.  The first is based on your maximum wager size.  The second is based on your total bankroll. 

1. Maximum wager size rules

Letís assume that your maximum wager size is $400.  If we release a play for 40 stars, this means that you should bet to "win" $400 on that play.  Subsequently if we release a play that is 30 stars you should rbet to "win" $300 and 20 stars would be a wager size of $200 to "win" and so on.  This system is proven to work over time.  We have very specific criteria based on several fundamental and techincal indicators supported by trend analysis that help determine the strength of each release.  

**(very important)** With straight bet sports like basketball and football always bet to win the dime/star amount.  With money line sports like baseball when we release a favorite you want to bet to win the dime/star amount and when we release an underdog you risk the dime/star amount.  

2. Total bankroll size guidelines 

The actual amount of money our clients should be willing to risk differs based on the actual size of their bankroll.  We recommend that our customers never risk more than 10% of their bankroll on any given game.  So for example if your bankroll is 10k you should be willing to wager $1000 on our 40 star release, $800 on our 30 star release and $600 on our 20 star release and $400 on our 10 star release. The idea of the module is that the percentage difference between wager size should directly correlate to the star rating.  Here are two acceptable structures for wagering size.

$10,000 bankroll

A) 40 star play $800 (8%) 30 star play $600 (6%)  20 star play $600 (4%) 10 star play $400 (2%)


B) 40 star play $400 (4%)  30 star play $300 (3%)  20 star play $200 (2%) 10 star play $100 (1%)

Both A and B are acceptable formulas to follow for wagering size.  A is a slightly more aggressive approach while B is a little more conservative.

It is imperative that our clients follow our money management guidleines as closely as they do the plays we release.  We are not just sports handicappers but financial advisors as well.  Our goal is for our clients to make money.  If you lose, we lose.  For optimal results we strongly recommend that our client base pay extremely close attention to the bankroll management guidelines that we offer on the site.  Our combination of trend analysis, sports information and money management knowledge has made for an unbelievably profitable run in this industry.  So please follow the system step by step.

Unlike other services you will rarely see us release more than 1 or 2 games on a given day.  The bottom line in this industry is making money, we NEVER bet just to bet.  Over 10 years in the business has taught us that there is always tomorrow and staggering bets and chasing money is a recipe for disaster.  Our system has repeatedly proven to make money over the long term.  So what are you waiting for, invest with us today and join in the winning!